Spitting Image

Film // Music Video // Abstract

Official music video for the band "Your Gay Thoughts" song title : Spitting Image Remix. 

An abstract array of kaleidoscopic images, colors, and textures. The objects used represent modern day luxuries and societal woes. The video tells a whimsical story that juxtaposes the egoistical yet self-reflective nature of the modern era. The video premiered on Vice's electronic music channel "Thump".


Obstructing Sounds

Advertising // Sound Design // Film

Ever forget your headphones? Or just wish you had some? Every time I forget my head phones before heading to work or school I'm quickly reminded at how noisy the world can really be. In this short proof of concept, there's three examples of different "obstructing sounds" and their causes. It shows how headphones can make a world of difference.  



Advertising // Motion Graphics // Stop Motion

#Makepinklemonade is a proof of concept for the fictitious holiday "National Pink Lemonade Day"This campaign is targeted at children and celebrates the world of fantasy fruit. Each segment of this series would be aired separately as online advertisements or promotions. 

Coming Soon #Bluerazzberry


Tek Tv

Channel Identity // Advertising // Film

Tek Tv is an up-and-coming technology channel. The channel plays  a series of shows and programs centered around technology. This channel identity was created to attract a younger, broader crowd to the more technical side of technology. The style is based on an older, retro style similar to what the target demographic would have grown up with. 


Orlando, The City Beautiful

Film // Documentary // Archival

If you'd like to help the family members of the victims please donate here oneorlando.org

This was filmed at the Orlando Vigil for the Pulse Massacre Victims. The stories heard here truly touched me. For a full description of this video go here. #OrlandoUnited


Creative Orlando

Film // Testimonial // Archival

Creative Orlando is a mini documentary series on artists who live and work locally in Orlando. You can view more of Nick's work here. Ultimately this is part one of a six part series. Stay tuned!      


Demo Reel

Stop Motion // Traditional

2016 Graduate Show Reel